As some of you may know I was born in Rostock and grew up near the beautiful Baltic Sea. The sea and water always played a big role in my childhood. I was often sailing with my parents and my sister, I was in a swimmingtean und we were very often at the beach. But times are changing. Since 2006 I’m living in Munich. The Mediterranean Sea is closer than my beloved Baltic Sea, so I try to travel as often as possible back to the Baltic Sea. I like the weather there , the fresh air, the light, the nasty smell of fish and the beach of course. That is one reason why I have so many maritime related photographs in my portfolio and it is the reason why I like the work of Corey Arnold.

Corey is both – photographer and alaskan fisherman. A very uncommon mixture I think. During the off season Corey has no time to rest. He travels around the world, is part of gallery exhibitions, gets features in magazines and ads. He captures the unbelievable work of fishers all over the world.

He is currently working on a life long project entitled FISH-WORK which chronicles the commercial fishing lifestyle throughout the world. In 2010, a PEW foundation commission led to the Fish-Work Europe series, photographing aboard fishing vessels in eight European countries. in 2005, he received an American Scandinavian Foundation grant to photograph the fishermen and whalers of Northern Norway.  Corey was recently nominated for the Aperture West Book Prize and the Santa Fe Prize for Photography, and named one of PDNs 30 for 2009. His pictures have been featured in The Paris Review, Esquire, Whitewall, Artweek, Outside, American Photo, Juxtapoz and many others (Source)

You cannot imagine how many respect I have for what these guys are doing. Day after day they are risking their life – especially in Bering Sea. If you understand German I can recommend you an article about Corey on It’s very worth to read it though it is just an excerpt of the printed version which was published in February 2012 in their print magazine. More of Corey’s work can be seen at

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